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The Cedars forest is one of the main tourist attractions in Lebanon; the forest has been mentioned and referred to many times in the Bible, its rich history has made this area one of the most important tourist destinations in the Middle East.

Today, it is a preserved area and is being turned into an open art museum through the work of artist Rudy Rahme who is transforming dead cedar trees into works of art.

Nature lovers will find paradise on earth in this region endowed by breathtaking landscape and natural wonders for the eye.

The nearest village to the cedars is Becharrie, located at 7 km from the ski station, at 1450m above sea level; it is famous for its Grotto, Valley of the saints, Monasteries, Churches, hermitages and Museums.

Becharrie, home town of the famous writer and artist, Gibran Khalil Gibran author of The Prophet is famous among other things for Gibran Museum, located at the entrance of the village, in the forest of Saint Sarkis, next to ancient monasteries and a Phoenician tomb.

Qadisha Grotto, at 2 km from the Cedars is a wonder by itself, famous for its stalagmites and stalactites. It is more than ten million years old and not totally explored

The Qadisha Valley known for its steep slopes and high peaks, throughout time, it was a refuge for persecuted monks, and hermits who hid in its caves and grottos where they built their monasteries.

Bekaa Kafra, the highest village in Lebanon, 1560m above sea level is around12 km from the Cedars; it is the hometown of Saint Charbel proclaimed Saint in 1977.

It is a place of pilgrimage.

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